Green Initiative

Green initiatives

1. Office printing has a tremendous impact on the environment. The average office employee prints 10,000 pages of paper per year. Since it takes 60% of a tree to make a case of paper, each employee consumes approximately 1.2 trees per year
2. Printer & copier supplies can also have an environmental impact. The average toner cartridge takes 3 quarts of oil to produce. If it is not recycled it can take over 1000 years to decompose in a landfill.
3. Environmentally conscious companies can experience a 25-60% increase in energy savings and reduce its carbon emissions associated with energy by 5-30% by purchasing energy star compliant products, consolidation & recycling of office waste.

MPS can help

• Reducing organisational carbon footprint
• Company wide policy enforcement to reducing the amount of color printing
• Use HP & Lexmark applications to enforce pull printing & limit access to printing
• Instant on technology your devices come out of energy saving mode reducing  energy output
• Replacing individual office printing devices with Multi function devices reduces energy consumption and office clutter.(scanner, printer, fax & copier into one device)
• Upgrade to Energy star devices which are 15% more energy efficient than standard non qualified machines.
• Set office equipment to print or copy double side will save money & paper. Paper savings may save your organisation up to 50 % in paper consumption
• Scan more documents with Lexmark’s accu read applications or HP’s control access
• View & store faxes electronically. Block unwanted faxes rather than printing them.
• Trade-in old equipment ( HP, Lexmark & Xerox have trade-in programs through out the year)
• Return your old toners for recycling or purchase remanufactured toner supplies or alternative OEM supplies.