Job Accounting

Job Accounting with proprietary software from our strategic partners:

HP Access Control - LEXMARK Print Manager (LPM) - XEROX

Knowing exactly how much your business spends on printing is essential to maximizing the return on your printer investment, and for minimizing the total cost of printer ownership. Job accounting solutions are the easy way to monitor, allocate and optimize your printing costs. They provide access to printers and copiers through a variety of user authentication methods or yearly licensing fees.

Gain control of your printing environment and costs. Monitor, allocate, and manage resources by tracking usage by device (all networked devices), user, project, department, and cost center. 
Collect data and analyze the results to identify saving opportunities. Create and send reports communicating the value and impact of printing and help contain costs by establishing print quotas. Streamline imaging and printing practices by ensuring the right device is in the right place and used for the right job.

• Track imaging and printing activities by device, user, or department, with the ability to capture personalized data.
• Collect data and monitor activity directly at the device, using the in-printer agent (IPA), and use the new dashboard module to see a graphical view of the data.
• Produce more than 300 individual summary reports or queries, and schedule them for automatic emailing or accessibility from any web browser.
• Gather insights on multifunction access—printing, copying, scanning, and faxing—and allocate costs back to specific departments, groups, or cost centers.
• Optimize your environment and contain costs—set page limits by user, determine the best device location, and ensure device functions are used efficiently