Workflow Solutions

Improved Workflow

You’ve invested in the latest multifunction print devices, but still do things the way you’ve always done them. Taking the time to understand all the functionality built into these print devices and detailing your current step by step workflow procedures will provide the opportunity to leverage technology to improving your company’s workflow. We’ll help you incorporate the capabilities of this new technology into current workflow and make recommendations for saving time and money. Like much of today’s technology, many organizations only use a fraction of the functionality these new print devices offer, missing out on the opportunity to take their businesses to the next level. There’s no need to turn your business upside down or spend a fortune to get these benefits. Start small and leverage what’s built in, like scanning.


Today, all new MFP’s come with fully functional scanning capabilities. It’s quite simple for users to scan a document using one of several standardized choices, then either send it on to someone or store it for future reference. Multiple options for filing include resolution, color versus monochrome, size, and file types (PDF, JPG, TIFF, OCR). Once scanned, documents can be distributed using a variety of sending options to locations for storage, retrieval, printing or viewing. Both the scan and send functions can do using the screen right on the MFP with no additional equipment required. More sophisticated scanning solutions such as digital sending software can be imbedded right into the device to help manage your documents and leverage your print environment. 

The following send functions allow flexibility for the user to distribute scanned documents in a variety of ways to accommodate file access, viewing, sharing, storage, printing, retrieving, editing, graphic conversion and/or character conversion. Whatever your business process, there’s a solution available to help automate it.

• Send-to-Email
• Send-to-Folder
• Send-to-LAN Fax
• Send-to-OCR

Workflow Solutions

DynaCharge works with a number of third party software solution providers who can help you fully utilize multifunction printer capabilities while increasing efficiencies by improving workflow processes. We will help you review your business workflow processes and suggest specific software solutions to improve them.

HP Access Control 

Secure Pull Printing

Increase security and boost productivity—at the office or on the go!

HP Access Control Secure Pull Printing, a solution that reduces unclaimed print jobs and increases efficiency. Users can print to a secure network, authenticate with ease, and retrieve jobs when necessary, even on the go.

Reinforce security, restore control, reduce costs, and conserve resources. HP Access Control Secure Pull Printing helps protect sensitive documents and secure printing environments—all while increasing convenience for local, mobile, and remote users. 

Reduce the amount of unclaimed print jobs and control access to networked devices. Give users the ability to retrieve jobs when and where they need to by simply accessing a solution-enabled networked device.

Enhance security

Set up a simple user authentication directly at the device, using proximity card readers, alpha-numeric personal identification codes (PIC), personal identification numbers (PIN), or smartcards.

Encrypt print jobs both in transit and on the printer's secure hard drive.

Double up on security—require employees to authenticate with two methods (proximity and PIN), using dual-factor authentication.

Safeguard and streamline

Store documents on your secure server hard drive and reduce the amount of managed print queues by allowing users to authenticate and release their specific print jobs from the print queue to any solution-enabled device on a network server or PC.

Reduce costs and unclaimed documents

Establish policies that promote responsible printing practices and help conserve paper and energy. Automatically delete unclaimed print jobs after a designated period of time.

Document Distributor

Capture both paper and electronic documents from a variety of sources that include email and fax servers, MFPs, mobile devices and network folders.

Enable user interaction at the MFP to start processes, provide indexing and delivery information, and receive real time status updates.

Enhance images by removing skew, speckles and unwanted rotation.

Convert images to other graphic formats and convert images to text.

Deliver captured documents to a variety of destinations, including network folders, an ECM or and ERP system.

Customize solutions using a vast array of tools in the software development kit (SDK).

Add OCR, OMR and barcode support, as well as other library options, as your business needs expand.

Simplify MFP management by deploying apps, policies and global settings to devices on the network.