Service Programs

Service Solutions

DynaCharge Laser over its 25 years of Office Printing experience has developed a wide range of support options to keep your equipment running efficiently while keeping your print environment under control and running seamlessly.

MPS Program

Many companies are not sure of how many printers or how to manage them! We find more & more companies are looking at managed print for their fleet of printers & other office devices to help resolve these questions. With DynaCharges’ comprehensive Solution Onetm program we can sit with the client and develop strategies & solutions to reach these goals, together.

Supplies Automation Program

Our Quick Essentials (tm)  program was developed for clients who do not have the time to order supplies while taking advantage of just in time deliveries (JIT) while reducing or eliminating obsolete inventories.

Just Add Paper tm Program

This program Just Add Paper (tm) is one of our signature programs, which still runs strong today. The program is an all-inclusive program of supplies, services & parts billed per cartridge. All you have to take care of is the paper! 

Service Contracts

Our Prevent 13 Elite (tm) Program is simply a service contract on printers, copiers for the term of the contract all parts & labour are included in the annual fee per device or fleet rate:

Simply Time & Materials

We offer next day response for all clients with a simple break fix solution. We bill time & parts separately with a minimum 1 hour fee.

Leasing Programs

We offer for our clients leasing programs for their equipment purchases on copier’s printers or full programs with 24-66 month options.

Easy Online Shopping

For clients who prefer to order online for easy access or ran out of time at the end of the day can access our 24-hour, 7 days a week ONLINE STORE for all your office needs.