Supplies Automation

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Supplies fulfillment:

It’s not easy! Designed for clients not ready or too small for MPS!

From mis-ordering to excess inventory, improper supply use and early replacement. The supplies side of your Printer & Copier Fleet requires serious attention and a method to controlling costs; but how do you do this without implementing a costly tracking system or an extensive Managed Print Services Program?

A simple answer to the complicated and costly supplies replenishment question for your Laser Printers, MFPs & Copiers.

DynaCharge’s supplies automation solution is a complete program designed to support all of your Printers that utilize both alternate OEM or New OEM toner supplies. Using our Process, we deliver a complete supplies automation:

1. Toner & Supply Alert Notifications Through Our Proprietary Printer Management Tool (PCM) is installed on your Network or PC which collects supply levels from your Printers, MFPs & Copiers. When each of your Printers Toner Cartridges and/or other Supply Item reaches 10% until empty, a Notification is sent to you and our Order Desk via Email. (Toner Level Alerts can be adjusted, based on individual client needs)
2. Toner & Supply Item Fulfillment Upon receiving Notification(s), DynaCharge delivers the Toner Cartridge(s) or other Supply Item(s) (ex: Drum, Transfer Belt, Fuser, etc.) to your Facility using an “Auto Supply Routing Label”, so that the Toner Cartridge or Supply Item is delivered to the Correct Printer, MFP, Copier and/or User. (We will deliver alternate OEM or New OEM Toner Cartridges based on your Preference at a Pre-Agreed upon Price)

The Value

Supplies Fulfillment and the Process of Managing your Printers & Copiers needs is said to be the Single Largest Cost in any businesses Printing & Imaging Operations.
Organizations continue to have multiple staff members participate in this manual and tedious process because that is the way “We have always done it”.

Why not have your Printers & Copiers Order their own Supplies?

Why is this process important? ...because this means that each device is essentially ordering its own supplies based on its unique usage metrics and sending that consumable directly to your Device/User at exactly the right time, every time. Combined with our Auto Supply Routing Label, the Toner or Supply Item can be routed directly to the user and/or device inside your company, once received at your location.

With DynaCharge’s supplies automation solution for your Printers, MFPs & Copiers, you receive the right consumable, just when you need it, where you need it.

Benefits for your Organization:

• Supply Chain Efficiency – Accurate Just-in-Time Supplies, no inventory going to waste when you replace your printer(s). Eliminate Next Day Shipments or emergency trips to the Office Superstore
• The Right Toner, the Right Supply, every time! – Eliminate mis-orders with direct to user/device/desktop delivery.
• Simplified Supply Ordering Process – “Hands-off” approach to managing supplies ordering and status, as devices essentially order their own supplies.
• Based on products chosen supplies pricing can be guaranteed for the term of the agreement.
• Reporting & Performance Improvements analytics to move towards a full managed print solution

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